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Web & Design Development


Project Scope & Planning

Goals We will work with you to produce the general overview of the project and specify the measurable goals that the site should achieve.

Target Audience Provide a clear understanding of the audience profiles and demographics of customers, stakeholders and relevant partners.

Scope Define a scope of work with agreed activities and deliverables with associated timelines providing clear expectations and milestones.



WireframesA visual layout of the sitemap will be done using wireframes to ensure all key pages and relationships are correct.

Visual Design A visual style and design will be created in line with brand guidelines and key brand perceptual ideas and expectations.

Review & Approval We ensure a smooth process of customer review and change request is in place at design stage to ensure development time is optimized.


Build & Testing

FrameworkBespoke templates are created for each page type to ensure all special features and functionalities are met.

Content All agreed content will be added including blogs, videos, podcasts or any other required media.

Testing Full comprehensive testing will take place to ensure any issues are solved prior to launch.


Hosting & Maintenance

Hosting Qurate Web is run on powerful scalable servers capable of handling high loads and complex websites.

Updates Bug fixing, checking broken links, 404 errors, website loading speed just some of the many regular checks your website needs.

Security We take website security seriously and always ensure the latest security patches are installed along with SSL certificates and Malware protection.


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