Accelerate your Content Marketing

Content Strategy & Planning

Business Objectives
Target Audience
Content Plan

Business Objectives

Goals & Mission We create a content marketing mission aligned with the business goals, objectives and mission.

KPIs Set achievable and clear Key Performance Indicators with milestones to provide focus and success indicators.

Competitor Analysis Get a handle on the main competitors and understand what they are doing to target the same customers and prospects.



Buyer Personas We will work with you to help build out your ideal buyer personas using existing data sources and industry analysis.

Buyer Journey Using this data we will build out a buyer journey to help you understand what is needed to help your prospects ascend from stranger to customer to loyal advocate.

Content Maps Now it's time to decide on the right content channels to reach your prospects and create the topics and content types that will appeal most.


Content Planning

Audit We make sure all existing content is recorded, tagged and a taxonomy built to allow for future re-purposing.

Calendar All this is then laid out in a content calendar that you can plan, create, authorize and publish content from a single platform.

Ideation We will help you set up powerful content ideation streams to ensure you never run out of great content ideas that will resonate with your audience.



Publish Publish your content from a single platform, we will help you to set up the right approval process to ensure brand guidelines are always met.

Integrate We make sure your existing systems are integrated such as CRM, Email Marketing and Marketing Automation so you can track the entire buyer journey from start to finish.

Analyse We will show you how to understand what content is working, which of your buyer personas are spending the most and which of your strategies are working the best.


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