Content Management System Built For Scale

Build your own website that brings content, data and experiences into a single layer shared across all your online platforms.

Fast & Simple

Rapid content delivery and easy customization

Secure & Scalable

Security, flexibility and cross-platform delivery

Personal & Integrated

A unified, continuous and optimized experience


Multi-Site Allowing for the management of sites independently from one-another, yet can be clustered to share assets and content between each other.

Multi-Publications Each website can contain one or more Publications, such a News Blog, a Campaign Section, an Event Section. Each Publication can have a different structure and layout.

Multi-Channel Combine the efficiency of headed, template-driven authoring with the flexibility of a headless publishing environment to easily deliver to multiple channels and devices.


Quick & Simple Web Design

Easy Easy to use by non technical people with an intuitive drag and drop design environment. Spin up a new campaign site in minutes, without the need for a designer or a developer.

Fast Qurate® Web separates the Development and Production version of a website, giving editors the convenience of cloud computing with the speed and security of static site.

Flexible Design, develop and deploy any web or mobile content experience directly in the cloud immediately. Full content delivery without deployment headaches and delays.


Optimize Content Delivery

Curated Content Utilize curated content feeds and easily display the best social media content, user generated content or virtually any other content on the web such as YouTube, News and blog content.

Customizable Define your own rules of how, where and who content is displayed to and when. Allowing you to automatically optimize and deliver content to each visitor in a personal, meaningful and memorable way.

Integrate The core Qr8 System is in essence an integration platform allowing for incoming and outgoing data integration via an API service we call Qurate IO. Integrate with your customer data, such as your CRM or loyalty card and provide high levels of personalized content.


Scalable & Secure

Secure Qurate has been cleared for use by government and corporate IT. We offer secure server access by SSH keys only, MFA for user sessions, WAF and DDoS Protection as standard.

Scalable The infrastructure powering your content is designed to scale in the way you need it, easily add extra application servers, powered the database server, and serve cached content via CDN.

Content Serve all of your content to web, mobile, digital signage or IoT touch points with Qurate’s secure, fast and continous content service.