Accelerate your content marketing

Consolidate your marketing stack and manage all your content planning, production and publishing from a single platform.

Streamline operations

Manage, track and share a multi channel and persona content calendar from planning to production.

Content Asset Management

Give your content additional relevance using tagging and taxonomy features to get the right content for the right persona.

Consolidation & Collaboration

Bring all your content operation teams together in one place and fast track approval and campaign completion.


Buyer personas Create unlimited buyer personas specific for your business to help drive content strategy.

Customer journey Map out your customer journey and ensure you are delivering content to help the full sales cycle.

Content Calendar Build a comprehensive content calendar easy to scale, share and manage all your content marketing goals no matter how large.



Collaborate Bring all your content creators into a single place and streamline your content operations.

Taxonomy Provide additional context to each piece of content you create to understand your best performing content.

Ideation Build comprehensive feeds and collections to keep the content ideas coming and see what is proving popular with your audience.



Integration Connect all your social & web properties and publish your content to multiple channels from a single dashboard.

Approval Ensure and maintain tight brand guidelines and build a layer of publishing approval in line with your organization's objectives.

API Push or pull your content in and out of Qurate to and from any device or platform and publish at any time you need.



Production Analysis Understand the real cost of your content by time and money and identify improvements to production costs.

Content ROI Get the genuine return on investment for every piece of content that you produce to ensure you are focusing on the right content for your audience.

Persona ROI Find out who is really buying your products and why to help drive your future content focus.


Plan With Ease

Qurate Planner's unique features will help your team plan for every scenario.


Qurate Planner's flexible tagging system enables you to organize your content in a way that is simple to use yet uniquely comprehensive.

Tag Groups

Organize your tags in a way that works for you! Create groups of tags to streamline your workflow.


Share your Plans with the world! Set your Plan to view only and let everyone see what you're up to!


Get your whole team on board! Create Plans and invite team members to collaborate on them.

Flexible Working Environment

Qurate Planner is designed from the groun up to be yours. Resize views or even remove them altogether. Bring them back when you need them.

Create Multiple Plans

When you've got one Plan in motion, start the next one. Qurate Planner lets you create unlimited Plans.