Social listening with a difference

Qurate Discover removes the clutter and alerts you on everything happening online that you need to know about.

Intelligent Search

Get the most accurate and relevant results using boolean search technology.

Actionable Data

Build your own powerful collection of feeds and share with others.

Engage & Sell

Turn prospects into leads by engaging with the right conversations at the right time.


Boolean search Get the most accurate and relevant results that matter to your business and maximize the value of search results using boolean search queries.

Multi language No matter what language you wish to track you can get the most accurate results from interactions all over the world.

24/7 Real time 24/7 monitoring of social media activity means you will never miss a thing and be notified immediately to ensure your reactions are instant.



Brand Management See all brand mentions as they happen, keeping full control of your online reputation.

Audiences Get powerful instant results on the people that matter, pinpoint the influencers that can help grow your brand.

Crisis Management Instant detection on unusual activity and receive real time crisis notification alerts to enable immediate response.



Brand Perception Get the feeling behind the comments and find out how people really feel about your brand and monitor the changes over time.

Industry Analysis Find out the current feelings in your industry from all players from competitors to decision makers and compare against your own performance.

Business Opportunities Uncover new business opportunities by measuring the customer perceptions, add context to your data and help drive new strategies.



Competitor Analysis Get meaningful and actionable insights to help drive strategic decisions about your content and customer engagement.

Share of Voice See how much of social media voice your company has in comparison to the competition and get instant updates.

White-label Reporting Impress your management team or clients with bespoke reporting available at the click of a button.