Meet the Qurate Team

With over 100 years of combined experience, we've got a well-seasoned team at the helm.

Tom Brooke
CEO & Founder

While backpacking through Asia in 2002, Tom began to crystallize the idea for a more curated internet.

Over the next few years, his experiences working closely with creative agencies and big brands gave Tom insight into how impactful this concept could be in the evolution of digital content.

As a result, he founded Qurate in 2014, and began building an enthusiastic team to help him translate his idea into a useful solution.

As Qurate’s CEO and Founder, Tom ensures that everything Qurate produces is innovative, creative, and meaningful.

Martin Taylor
Product Manager

Martin has over 18 years experience in B2B Sales and Marketing having worked with numerous tech startups and global billion dollar companies providing products and services covering various industries such as Cyber Security, Wireless Networking and SaaS.

He has extensive experience in both building and running sales teams as well as creating and executing channel development programs primarily across EMEA, USA and APAC.

In addition to this he is also an expert in Digital Marketing, a self proclaimed T shaped marketer with the recent experience of running an agency specialising in online digital marketing and chatbot development.

Kazuhiro Koga
Business Development Manager

Kazuhiro’s interest in international business started while he worked for btrax, a creative agency that promotes business ties between Japan and San Francisco.

After seeing success as the lead coordinator of Japan Night, Kazuhiro began dedicating his efforts to helping Japanese companies expand into tech hubs like Silicon Valley.

As Qurate’s Business Development Manager, Kazuhiro helps our company to navigate Japanese markets and creates opportunities for us to grow.

Masayuki Dannoura
Project Manager

Masayuki has been in charge of many hit products and major artist projects at Universal Music Japan, a leading global entertainment industry.

He has also been a media product producer and marketing instructor.

Masa brings his skills and experience in both marketing and major project management to help Qurate clients and partners large and small to succeed in digital marketing related projects.

Ozgun Koyun

Ozgun is a dedicated Ruby on Rails developer with a long history working with HTML and CSS, JavaScript, SQL/NoSQL.

Utilizing his master’s degree in Designing and Managing Information Systems, Ozgun’s forte is developing comprehensive content management systems for small companies.

As Qurate’s Platform Architect, Ozgun develops our micro-service architecture.

Natale Catella

Nat is a Front End Developer who comes from a mixed background of design agency and SaaS companies.

His experience ranges from the evergreen Html, Css and Js to Wordpress, Magento, React and Vue.

Having spent years on different builds proves useful when he needs to tailor the Qurate experience around the clients desires and needs.

Gen Porter

Gen studied a Bachelor of Design with Honours, majoring in Visual Communication Design at Massey University in New Zealand.

After graduating in 2019, she decided to commence an internship with Qurate in Fukuoka the following year.

Even though, she is an all rounded creative person, she has previously focused on print and editorial design. She is now eager to advance her skills in web and UX design whilst working for Qurate.

Currently Gen is back in New Zealand, where she is working remotely for the company.

Dylan Cooper

Our Advisors

Joshua Tessier
Angel & Advisor

Joshua is a Partner and Co-Founder of Ramen Ventures. Prior to this role, he acted as Shopify’s Head of Core Product Engineering.

His relationship with Shopify began when he co-founded Select Start Studios, which was acquired by the ecommerce giant.

His background as a software developer gives him the technical experience required to truly understand Qurate’s platform, and help the company to refine its technical approach.

Shin Iwata
Angel & Advisor

Shin is currently a Partner at Atomico, an investment firm that backs disruptive tech companies from Series A and beyond.

In this role, he heads the firm’s efforts to assist portfolio companies that aim to scale and expand into the Japanese market.

Before becoming a Partner at Atomico, Shin was the President of Skype Japan K.K., aiding the company in its goal of expanding within Japan.

His passion for advising up-and-coming entrepreneurs and his stellar track record helping new and established companies to flourish makes him a valuable mentor for Qurate.

Francis Perrin
Angel & Advisor

Francis is the Tokyo-based CEO behind M Dot Partners consulting boutique.

Prior to his role with M Dot Partners, Francis managed the Business Intelligence & Partnerships activities at Orange Labs Tokyo.

His impressive history collaborating with industry leaders like Sony and Microsoft makes him an excellent resource to help give the Qurate team guidance and perspective on all thing tech.

Digby Lewis
Non-Executive Director & Advisor

Digby is a leading expert on content creation and distribution as well as a sought-after public speaker who knows how to craft a compelling story.

His roles working for industry giants like MTV and Buzzfeed give him the background needed to not just understand how content impacts the world, but how it can shape it as well.

In 2016, he began working with iris Worldwide, which was voted one of the top five most courageous creative agencies in the world, to set up a new specialist content division.

As Qurate’s Non-Executive Director, Digby brings his vast experience and strategic thinking to deliver rapid business growth to our company.