A Platform By Design

By putting design at the heart of what we do, we aim to provide you with a platform that is easy to use, offers a completely personalized experience and turns complex problems into simple solutions.

Thanks for starting your journey with us. We hope you find Qurate a good place to work.


Our Vision

Time Well Spent

Our vision was to create a space where teams can collaborate together, simplify processes, work visually and ultimately, get more done.

Somewhere you can plan, create and manage all your content, from within a single platform.

Who we are

We know that successful startups are powered by adaptable employees. Our team is comprised of individuals who excel in their fields, but aren’t limited by their roles.

This fluid approach to our work means that the Qurate team functions as a unit instead of in silos.



Nishitetsu Open Innovation 2016 Tied 2nd

SLUSH Tokyo 2017 Semi-Finalist

Runway to RISE 2018 Tokyo Winner

TOPPAN Open Innovation 2018 Winner

NTT DATA Open Innovation 2020 Finalist