About Us

Qurate is a storytelling platform, allowing innovative marketing teams to research, plan, create, publish and measure digital marketing content on their owned and social channels.

Our founding team have been helping brands to craft world-leading web and social experiences, both internally and via agencies, since the early 2000’s. During that time we’ve built dozens of bespoke platforms, worked with all of the best (and worst) enterprise and open-source CMSs, and have tried and re-evaluated social media management and listening tools on a regular basis.

With agencies such as Havas, Iris Worldwide (Samsung, adidas, Pizza Hut), and Gravity Road (“Most creative agency in the world”) we’ve been great advocates and been let of leading examples of a content-first strategy.


Qurate was conceived around the concept of the “curated internet” which, unlike the hyperlinked internet, it is not the user that moves to the content, but rather it is the content that comes to the user. The user curates the brand or channel.

Having a clear idea of who those consumers are, either through hypothesis (Personas), context awareness (intelligent journey modeling), or customer insight (such as CRM integration) is absolutely critical in delivering content that drives business at scale.

Content management has changed from point solutions to multi channel. The answer is to upgrade your owed media system, and with Qurate you can manage your owned and the wider social content driving interest in the same platform end-to-end.


We know that successful startups are powered by adaptable employees.

Our team is comprised of individuals who excel in their fields, but aren’t limited by their roles.

This fluid approach to our work means that the Qurate team functions as a unit instead of in silos. While each Qurate member has years of experience and great resumes, that isn’t enough. We gel as a unit, and constructive criticism and project improvements are the norm in our group.

Because at the end of the day, Qurate cares about releasing the best possible product and our work is a reflection of our people.

From an award winning designer to a global marketing expert, our team has the track record to support innovation.

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Qurate Inc.
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Fukuoka 810-0041 JAPAN

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Qurate Ltd.
3F News Building, 3 London Bridge Street,

Tel: +44-20-3743-6063


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TOPPAN Open Innovation
2018 Winner
NTT DATA Open Innovation 2020 Finalist
Nishitetsu Open Innovation 2016 Tied 2nd
Runway to RISE 2018
Tokyo Winner
SLUSH Tokyo 2017