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Plan and create all your content, across all your channels
with all your teams from a single platform.

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Streamline Your
Content Operations

No more spreadsheets, emails, calendar and work management tools to juggle everyday.

Bring everyone together into a powerful, easy to use platform designed to be the centre of all your content operations.


Set goals, align business objectives and refine your customer targeting.


Manage all your content production, workflows and approvals from one place.


Manage the publication and distribution of your content across all channels.


All your Content.
Every Channel.

A real-time collaborative space where the whole team can plan and visualize your entire content marketing strategy.

Build and design derivative content ideas, construct complex marketing campaigns and brainstorm ideas in a visual setting.

You can create an unlimited number of canvases and their unique versatility allows you to use them in whatever way suits you best.

A collaborative canvas
perfect for planning

Benefits of Canvas:

Visualize complex campaigns and dependencies.
Plan new and analyze existing content ideas and derivatives.
Give contributors the wider context of the content they are working on.
Build graphical representations to understand and maximize existing content utilization.
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Focus on Why.
Get ROI.

Give your content real context, understand the why behind every piece and build your own unique taxonomy based on your own requirements.

Quickly and easily tag buyer personas, set the buyer journey stage, add themes, topics, products, campaigns and goals.

The why (along with who, what, where and when) is here for all.

Deep thinking baked into every piece of content

Benefits of Taxonomy:

Understand the context of your content and maximize its utlization.
Ensure consistency of content across multiple teams and contributors.
Futureproof your content 'why' as people and teams move on.
All your content becomes easily searched and discoverable.
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Sort it Out.
Filter Down.

Share, view and save the information you need when you need it.

Filter and view your data by any combination of your content taxonomy.

Any filter, any data, any time.

Choose the view that’s right for all of you

Benefits of Boards:

Discover operational bottlenecks and areas for improvement.
Saved boards give your team instant clarity on their tasks in hand.
Spot content gaps and ideas to help optimize your content strategy.
Everyone can configure and share a board for any objective.
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Collaborate Coordinate.

Bring all your teams together and break down existing silos that slow down productivity and create bottlenecks.

Reduce the complexity of tools and streamline the task management of all your content stakeholders.

Understand who is doing what at any given time and allow easy coordination of workflows and tasks across contributors and reviewers.

Collaborate on anything,
focus on your thing.

Benefits of Teams:

Unlimited bespoke workflows to handle any content type for any purpose.
Deep and granular access roles to cater for any organization size and setup.
Enable cross team communication in real time about important content decisions.
Collaborate and share assets between external and internal teams.
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Canvases to see

Content in context

Buyer Persona profiles

Unlimited external collaborators

Multiple projects per organization

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Push notifications

All content is fully auditable

Real-time collaboration

Teams allowing full collaboration

across the entire company

Theme and Topic mapping

Read-only sharing

via shareable links

Boards allowing teams to organise their views

Buyer Journey planning

User Permissions

Deep Taxonomy

for each piece of content